Beaver Wood Associates

Indexing & Editorial Services

Jeanne Moody has been indexing books, periodicals, and databases for more than30 years. She has a master's degree in information science and a bachelor's degree in psychology.  She received the prestigious H.W. Wilson Award for her subject and author indexes to

Raptor Management Techniques Manual edited by Beth Giron-Pendleton et al. Washington, D.C: National Wildlife Federation, 1987. 

Expertise in

· Environment

· Water resources

· Psychology & psychiatry

· Social sciences

·Aviation & travel industries

·Christian religion

· Book indexes

· Periodical indexes

· Thesaurus construction

· Copyediting

· Proofreading


Index production and delivery

Indexes are created with either Macrex or ProCite specialized software programs as appropriate. MultiTes software is used for thesaurus construction. Indexes and thesauri can be delivered on disk or via e-mail in Windows,  Macintosh or DOS versions of WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, rich text format, or plain text.

Professional Associations

· American Society of Indexers

· Beta Phi Mu


Meeting Planning

Beaver Wood Associates’ independent planners provide site selection and conference planning services for group events.  Meetings have been planned for the following organizations.

Anglican Church in America

WaterWeb Consortium

American Society of Indexers (1994-2000)

Third Inter-American Dialogue on Water Resources Management (1999)

US Airways (sales, system forecasts, and business planning: 1986-1998)

Professional Associations

·        Meeting Professionals International (member since 1996)




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